Our products are selected rigorously based on their quality, softness, color and texture,
which are the essentials needed to give you well designed Pampas Leather cowhide rug.

Our features


Rigorously based on their quality, softness, color and texture.


Expert Argentinean artisans handcrafts our products to perfection.


Every product can be specially adapted to your needs.


A diverse range of products from contemporary to traditional styles.


The best team of interior decorators at your service.


Every single product reflects our love and compromise.

About us

Our company has been involved in providing the best quality of raw cowhides to all major Argentinean and South American traders for the last 45 years. This is the reason we have been able to establish ourselves as seasoned professionals in the cowhides selling business.

Now we have decided to bring our wide range of exotic and rare cowhides from the Argentinean Pampas directly to you. All our cowhides come from the Pampas, the beautiful lowlands in Argentina, and are internationally acclaimed for their luxurious texture, unique colors and high quality.

There is no gainsaying that our products are well known all over the world for their unique and exotic finishes that complement their superiority. This recorded proficiency and excellence are enhanced by our zeal to emply the best team of interior decorators in our country to design our patchworks, and expert Argentinean artisans who handcraft them to perfection.

Because of our promise to always deliver the best in terms of quality, our industrial designer team leader Geraldine Alberdi, personally supervises every single piece. She ensures that only the best cowhides are selected for the designing process. Geraldine also ensures the services we provide are top notch, helping us to create few pieces of art which will help us decorate walls like paintings, inspired in the beauty and natural quality of our Pampas Leather cowhides.


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